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When he does, he chats enthusiastically about the architecture and history of Paris, but is less keen to discuss fashion except in the most general, or even cryptic, sense. I didn’t become a monster, but I wasn’t as nice as I could have been.’ He has been endlessly described as awkward, monosyllabic; is that not his memory? He grew up listening to Queen and has, in the past, talked of liking Coldplay and Keane. All rights are to their respective owners or companies. We have a close connection, that’s what I was saying.” So that’sa definite no then?I only mention it because after seeing her circa 2003 I remember thinking: “Whoa that girl is dope! She’s not one of those precarious millennials who wakes up, proclaims they are a designer, photographer, DJ (insert any other hipster job title here), makes business cards on and starts introducing themselves as such before investing any time in learning or perfecting their new craft. She has worked as a creative consultant for Island Def Jam and Roc Nation, directed music videos by Justin Bieber and Kid Cudi, was the first woman to design a pair of Jordans, and has recently teamed up with Puma for a collabo with her own independent fashion brand, Violette New York.She also stars in a Showtime docuseries called 3AM, which “follows a cornucopia of drag queens, artists, escorts, and other insomniacs, all trying to turn fantasy into reality.”Check out the trailer…I really don’t know how mami does it all… Ok I’m sure she owes her success to much more than her diet, but that was my smooth way of mentioning she’s vegan, #YAS!With the latter he has, quite literally, shaped the sound of modern hip-hop by producing hit songs for A-listers such as Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Nelly and Britney Spears. Hey, man, I don’t want to be thinking about my legacy, there’s still so much to learn. Because, left to my own devices, I’m naturally very lazy…’ He doesn’t have time to be idle these days, what with the fashion lines and his work as a producer. In the summer of 2003, Williams had co-produced nearly 20 per cent of tracks playing on British radio. Not bad for a kid who was fired not once but three times by Mc Donald’s. I recently worked with Conor Maynard, a kid from Brighton who’s super-talented.’ As he finishes his food, I ask what he thinks his legacy might be and he grins. Learning is the most essential part to life as I know it.

That’s when I really, really, really learned how to maintain a household. Kim Fields and John Henton Who ever thought Regine and Overton would make something happen?

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