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The mother-of-two attended a meeting on Tuesday, just months after giving birth — except she encountered a small snafu when she lactated through her silk jumpsuit!

One of the targets was Daniel Ellsberg, the activist who leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1969 and showed the government believed they didn't have the resources to win the Vietnam War.

A plot to physically attack Ellsberg would be notable as the former Pentagon official has long-alleged that Nixon operatives did more than steal his medical files, the most well-known effort to discredit him.

They broke up, according to rumors, because Cusack wouldn’t commit to marriage. Uma Thurman — Cusack and Thurman dated after she divorced Gary Oldman, and were seen together again after she split with Ethan Hawke.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe — Cusack had apparently dated her for years in the 2000s, and there were even some specious reports that they’d been secretly married. Brooke Burns — Cusack dated the former Baywatch star in 2010.Speaking to People the summer after his birth, Campbell said, “He’s talking a lot more now… Speaking on The Talk after his birth, The Daily Mail reports Campbell as saying, “I liked the idea of a unique name.