Dating a girl who is bipolar

30-Oct-2017 12:33

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Troubled star Kerry Katona has revealed she takes anti-depressants in an effort to control her bipolar disorder.The pregnant star revealed she takes Effexor every night to control the psychiatric condition, and put her bizarre appearance on GMTV down to the effects of the drug.Individuals who are bipolar will experience heightened euphoria and happiness, followed by drastic depression and guilt.While mood swings are the most common symptom, they are not the only symptom.He had a family history of bipolar disorder and thought I might be exhibiting some of the symptoms.I didn’t know what he was talking about or how it could apply to me, so I just continued with my life.

I had thought I had it all together since people typically came to me for advice. Professionally, I was on top of the world, and then I had the rug ripped out from under me.Bipolar disorder is a complex disorder that's defined by dramatic or unusual mood episodes of highs and lows.The episodes of mania and depression can range from very mild to extreme in their intensity and severity.If you or a loved has bipolar disorder, you know how important it is to manage mood episodes with bipolar medications and healthy lifestyle habits.

But did you also know that certain foods and dietary supplements might play a role in helping -- or hindering -- people with bipolar disorder?

There are several other hallmarks of this condition and many of them contradict each other.

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