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01-Feb-2018 23:01

No matter what day of the week or time of the day you visit Lower Broad, you will hear live country music coming from the historic clubs along the street.

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There was also a fairly large endometrioma on my left ovary. *Why is it so difficult to diagnose, and does the delay in diagnosing cause more problems later on? *Birth control pills which made the symptoms worse, and surgery, also am on pain meds. *The website on hysterectomy has been a life saver.Weaving examples from history, literature, and popular culture with clinical research she has conducted over several decades, Heyn illuminates an exploding phenomenon that’s just reaching public consciousness.She details the telling traits of Drama Kings, such as "The Visitor," "The Proprietor," and "The Hit-and-Run Lover." She arms readers with the warning signs and offers strategies to handle the sagas that inevitably will develop in these relationships.So maybe make a mix-tape that features exclusively Bruce Springsteen and Aretha Franklin if you’re trying to tread some safe middle ground? If Republicans are 200% more religious and engaging in LESS casual sex, does this mean there is a great influx of Conservative married people getting it on in the woods?

The juiciest and most important piece of information I gleaned from this lite-study is that while Democrats are 30% more likely to have casual sex (hell yeah), Republicans are 50% more likely to have sex outside? Or is the smaller percentage of casual sex they engage in largely consummated in hidden caverns out in God’s green earth?

In further confirmation of our culturally widespread theories, the polled Republicans were 200% more religious (this seems like a very semantically difficult trait to qualify) than their Left-of-center counterparts, while Democrats meet for coffee 17% more than Republicans, which I imagine is to counteract the mental haze of all the fat bongs we smoke. Can we meet in the middle and get sweet lovin’ on to some hot bi-partisan tunes?