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20-Jul-2017 00:14

You don’t have the full anonymity of a computer screen, and so you think before you type. And self-censorship is important when you’re writing about dating – because dating isn’t just about you. There’s a very careful tightrope to tread, writing about your dates, being entertaining, sharing some of the details of the date, but without airing someone else’s dirty laundry. Without betraying the trust you give someone else when you go on a date with them, and share random stories with them.When you date, you spend time one-on-one with a complete stranger. What helped, when I wrote about my 30 blind dates, was that I knew the guys were reading the posts.But the type I’ve encountered a lot lately is The Bitter Man. If you didn’t marry your high school sweetheart and are still single and dating in adulthood, you’ve had your heart broken, smashed, or at least dented a number of times. For some guys, depending on how ugly the break up, and how invested he was, this awful realization leads to the decision to close up shop. But in the long run, it doesn’t keep you from getting hurt again; it just guarantees you fewer opportunities to meet someone awesome you really like. No girl wants to feel like she’s going to have to bare her soul with nothing in return.

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It is the betrayal by society telling lies about almost everything that a man experiences in his life.

I had a momentary impulse to be the girl who shows him women can be trustworthy, who gets him to open up again but¡Ä No. I come with my own history of break ups and heartbreaks.

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