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There are distinct differences between the many regional dialects, and also a wide variation in the 'standard' Hochdeutsch spoken from region to region.

Slovene is an official language in the southern province of Carinthia.

Wedding customs and traditions exist since the institution of marriage has been around. The meaning and origin of the different wedding customs vary widely.

Some have disappeared, others have survived to this day.

Self-introduction is seen as pushy and even unprofessional.

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Also, since the European Union has welcomed countries from Eastern Europe, Austria is proud of its role in helping foreign companies to establish themselves in the East.Some are supposed to keep evil away, others should evoke love, happiness, health or fertility.Not every wedding custom can be traced back anymore, where it comes from and what purpose it had. Nevertheless, these customs are simply part of Austria. A big part of them reflects a component of Austrian identity.While there are certainly good discussion topics when getting to know Austrians, first and foremost it is important not to ask questions if one is not genuinely interested.

Many Austrians are somewhat reserved towards foreigners upon a first meeting and may find the outgoing and very positive attitude of North Americans overbearing or even superficial and insincere.Especially when you have guests from abroad, a wedding custom can be a wonderful insight into Austrian culture.

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